Friday, April 30, 2021

Tristan Thompson Tells Mistress Khloé Kardashian Is Not His Type

Last week serial cheater Tristan Thompson got put on blast for cheating on his baby mama, Khloé Kardashian, AGAIN [click here if you missed that]. 

Sydney Chase, Tristan's latest conquest, claims he told her Khloé just isn't his type...

From The Sun
During an Instagram Live that was recorded on April 8, stunning model Sydney Chase, 23, read out messages to her friends that were allegedly from Tristan.
She said: “Tristan Thompson just said, ‘Send me a picture of your [inaudible].
“Tristan literally said, ‘Yes baby I like that. I want to see what they look like. I'm curious. You got me excited to come back.”
She then noticed that her friend Erika was recording and said: “Oh yeah this is on Live. I’m about to f**k myself in the a**. Oh well, it’s fine.”
Sydney continued: “Might as well, at this point, it’s life. I ain’t sign nothing, you did what you did that’s on you. Tristan banged me. I did not bang him."
She went on to say that Tristan thought she looked like his first baby mama, Jordan Craig.
She said: “Apparently Khloe is not his type but I’m his type and [inaudible.] He wanted the status and be able to keep that status but I looked just like his ex and am his type.