Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sabrina Peterson Tells The Whole Story About Beef with T.I.

Over the past few months rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris' former friend Sabrina Peterson has been waging war on the couple after exposing T.I. for putting a gun to her head snowballed into dozens of women coming forward claiming they were sexually abused by the rapper and his wife [click here if you missed that]. 

Sabrina finally tells the whole story... 

In a sit down with Jason Lee Sabrina claims it all started after T.I. started trolling HER because she supported the political rival of Atlanta Mayor Keshia Lance Bottoms because of the drastic uptick of crime in the city. Sabrina claims she responded by sharing the story of the time T.I. pulled a gun on her followed by another woman claiming her husband had been kidnapped by T.I. at gunpoint and nothing happeded even after they called the police. After that, all the other women came forward. Sabrina also claims T.I. put a $25k bounty on her head when she first got out of jail. 



Anonymous said...

B/c His Dusty Ass Fans Be Like -

"Y Dey Dent IT Dey Go Too Duh Po Lease"

Nigga T.op I.nformant Works W The Police - Ask Him Why They Call Him 'Tip' - He Has Connections W The Mayor Too ..

Have You Seen The Commerical Where He Is A 'Proud Snitch' & Highly Advises You To Do The Same ?

It Is On Youtube

Explains How He Got A Tap On The Wrist For Being A 2X Loser W Firearms

Not To Mention He Is 1) A Nigga

2) Trained Actor

3) & Raps About..
"100k To Haitians You Will Be Murdered TODAY"

"Use A Dead Man Walking & I Mean It - Okay"

So What/Why Is It So Hard To Believe Sabrina & The Other Women ?

The End Results Of Slavery - Protecting A Nigga At Any Costs. Even @The The Expense Ruin Of Black Women / Girls.

Sick Shits

Stay Woke -

Kupcakeshay said...


R in NYC said...

She should have just said all that from jump street.

Anonymous said...

I am over this entire topic. It's not important to any one trying to make it each day. They had their 15 minutes. Lets move on.

Anonymous said...

There is no more milk in this titty. The nipple is dry.

Unknown said...

I find it hard to believe that Sabrina cares about the uptick in crime in Atlanta. She's coming forward with this bullshit because the "uptick in crime" happened around the start of the pandemic - which was when funds started running low for pseudo celebs and their hanger ons. The timing is suspicious and it took her a whole year and a half to come up with this bullshit? And who is going to turn down $25k for a murder hit, in Atlanta, during a national business shut down? Bih, just stop. Ain't nobody believing this bullshit and until you come with some legit receipts these "rape" and "sex trafficking" allegations aren't gonna go anywhere. Smdh

Anonymous said...

All lies!!! She's gonna burn in hell for these lies. Her and that ugly fat ape Felicia Moore.

She left out the part that FM paid her to come after TI so she could use it as leverage to bring Keisha Lance down. These 2 bitchess are the reason Keisha is stepping down.

FM also planned to come after killer Mike.

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