Friday, June 11, 2021

Simon Threatens to Sue Falynn

Last week The Real Housewives of Atlanta friend of the cast Falynn Goubadia announced she was filming a tell-all interview concerning her broken marriage to Simon Goubadia and his subsequent engagement to RHOA star Porsha Williams [click here if you missed that]. 

Last night Falynn shared a cease and desist letter from Simon vowing the interview would not see the light of day...


Anonymous said...

Go Away lady, you lost, take whatever you can get and raise your children. This situation is/was messy. Next time you get a rich dude keep him to yourself and keep other chicks out your POOL!

Anonymous said...

Beauty and the Beast frfr! She thought she was hot shit and he let her know she ain't shit. Replaced her quicker than she could pack her bags. She fumbled the bag plain and simple. She lucky she didn't invite Ashley Darby to the pool because she woulda been divorced by nightfall. Now Ashley is next level gold digger and Michael don't even have Simon networth. Ashley knows how to secure a damn bag and don't give a damn how thirsty she look securing it.

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