Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Lay Lay's Dad Causing Kim Kardashian Drama?

This week teen Instagram influencer That Girl Lay Lay seemingly dissed Kim Kardashian after a message appeared on her Instagram account blasting Kim for asking her to remove a Tik Tok video Lay Lay made with Kim and Kanye West's daughter North after inviting Lay Lay for a play date [click here if you missed that]. 

Was Lay Lay's dad behind the drama...? 

Sure seems that way. 

That Girl Lay Lay's career was launched after her father began sharing videos of Lay Lay freestyle rapping from the passenger side of his car. After the drama with the Kim Kardashian post Lay Lay's mom denied Lay Lay had anything to do with the message and also cleared herself of having anything to do with Lay Lay's Instagram account.

Hmmmmm, so who does that leave? 


NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Enough of this talentless family of shapeshifters constantly, using black folks to remain relevant. Notice how heavily they have to rely on black to be seen, heard, talked about, and generally kept in rotation. These succubuses are tired and their 15 minutes long expired.

Anonymous said...

If he did make the comment in her behalf, then he needs to stay out of woman's business.
But he is handsome.

Anonymous said...

Lay Lay's father will be the end of her promising career if he dont stop getting on people nerve trying to push thru the door.
Side Note: They needed to stop calling her Lay Lay in that town.
Side Note #2: He looks like he loves the attention. For a small fee he would sell Lay Lay to the Kardashians.

Anonymous said...

10:42 he already sold her to Nickelodeon

R in NYC said...

Lay Lay bay bay hey hey day day………….why is this news?

Anonymous said...

@10:52 AM

Its news because they are All in on it....the entire thing is FAKE and it is setup to make the one party more famous, while the other party maintains fame.

it's all FAKE

Anonymous said...

11:00 AM
Facts. Everything concerning "celebrity" is manufactured, hell they are digging up dead celebrity to bring up old ass news, it's all a distraction to have you giving your time, energy to the living dead.

Anonymous said...

"it's all a distraction to have you giving your time, energy to the living dead"

PERFECTLY SAID...the LIVING DEAD, worshiping the many devils is NOT a walk in the park! There are too many evil deeds have have to be continuously done and guess what its NOT OVER WHEN THEY DIE EITHER!!!

Anonymous said...

This nigga give me Jamie Spears vibe.

Unknown said...

The Mammy or the Daddy wrote that shit. They all type the same way.

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