Monday, July 05, 2021

Phylicia Rashad Apologizes to Howard University for Bill Cosby Support

Last week actress Phylicia Rashad was forced to walk back her suport for Bill Cosby's sexual assault convicition being over turned after facing backlash from the students of Howard University where she was just named Dean of the Fine Arts Department [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Phylicia has issued a full apology and says she plans to enter counseling to become a better ally for sexual assault survivors...

Dear Students and Parents 

Dear Students and parents, This week I tweeted a statement that caused so much hurt in so many people - both broadly and inside the Howard community. I offer my most sincere apology. I have since removed that upsetting Tweet. I am sorry. 
I Intend to earn your trust and your forgiveness. 
My remarks were in no way directed toward survivors of sexual assault. I vehemently oppose sexual violence, find no excuse for such behavior, and I know that Howard University has a zero-tolerance policy toward interpersonal violence. 
The most important role I have ever played in my life is that of mother to my children, who have taught me to live a life that nourishes, protects and encourages others. Though they are adults now, I still feel the primal instinct to protect them. This is the same feeling that I hold for Howard University and each of her students. 
As a dean in this revered and beloved institution, I am committed to this. Over the next few weeks, I plan to engage in active listening and participate in trainings to not only reinforce University protocol and conduct, but also learn how I can become a stronger ally to sexual assault survivors and everyone who has suffered at the hands of an abuser. 
Thank you for voicing your concerns, for speaking your truth and for holding leaders accountable for our actions and words. 
Excellence in Truth and Service.


Phylicia Rashad 
Dean of the College of Fine Arts


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she all most lost her job. Students have the power here. If no one wants to attend Howard or take classes under her supervision, then the school looses money and reputation.
I strongly suggest she take her big bunions to a podiatrist. Thats a Bloop

Alma's Daughter said...

She's working hard to keep her job but it may be too late. I think her age (73y/o) is going to work against her on this. A younger woman would have the time to clean this up AND make a good impact on the Fine Arts department. Phylicia might not be able to do this at 73 y/o.

I have a feeling she'll be out of this job in a couple years.

Unknown said...

I think Bill is threatening to pull back all his funding to Howard if they fire her. So, I think this is Phylicia's way of choosing the more the amicable route, rather than creating another war in the name of Cosby.

I support Phylicia and I don't think she should be shamed for her support of Cosby. None of us know the specific details of how those assaults allegedly happened, and it doesn't mean that Phylicia can't be an ally for other women who've been sexually assaulted. You can support Bill without demonizing sexual assault victims, but folks are so hung up on this one sided narrative that they're trying put Phylicia in this rape apologist category that she just doesn't belong in.

Anonymous said...

Ppl need to learn that everything you think should not be an open comment on social media. Tell him in a letter or to his face how you feel. Bunions included.

Anonymous said...

What six figure careers are there in Fine Arts?

Anonymous said...

FUCK This Old Mammy Minded Hoe & The Rapist She Supports

Pill Knows Exactly What His Creep Ass Did When 'Those Liars' Were Passed OUT & Came To W A Mouthful Of Pudding Pop-

& His Hoe Ass Got The Nerve To Be Arrogant -As If His Conviction Was Turned Over ...

Take Note- All Of A Sudden THIS Nigga Ain't Blind & Cripple No Mo Huh ? Throwing Up The Devil Horns & Er Thang -

Nigga Was Walking Into Walls & Stumbling Up Steps During Trial

Now ? He Is Ready To Tour ?

I Hope That Untreated Syphilis Eat His Ugly Ass Alive..

Stay Woke-

Anonymous said...

Bill Cosby is a deep state puppet. For him to have reached the pinnacle in his career that he did, don't think his predatory behaviour was limited to adults. At that level of success, you have to engage in pedophilia and child sacrifice.

anonymous said...

Quoting Eddie Griffin, "No black man leaves the entertainment industry clean."

Anonymous said...


So does that apply to him as well, or is he exempt since he never rose above the C list???

Anonymous said...

Everything does not need to be said on social media. She could have easily called him up and paid him a personal visit. There's a machine at work and the salem witch trials is duplicating itself.

Anonymous said...

Giving apologies, about to lose her job and risking losing any other great future opportunities... When will people realize that social media is not a place to put any and everything? This woman's too long in the tooth to not know any better.

Unknown said...

Yeah you can’t post you opinion online these days. Even tho Cosby is a damn rapist. White women use to lie and get black men killed or hung about raping and beating them and yet you got coons, old and young, willfully dealing with them bitches SMH. You get everything that’s coming to you.

Ayawsonice said...

So happy they bout to fire her, talking be a friend and supporter, mam there is a conflict of interest when , u obviously is in cahoots with one of The parties involved. Starting to believe u knew and turned s blind eye

Anon said...

A black woman going hard for a black man who was unjustly imprisoned..and she is crucified????

Anonymous said...

Waiting on/ hoping for CS residuals has her mind jacked up. BC is a rapist and was convicted as such. Clearly she needs the $$$ for those residuals cause she's still working at what, 70?

Anonymous said...


You must be one of those white hags looking for a payday from Cosby. Go get a job and go to rehab. The free ride is over!!!

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