Friday, July 02, 2021

Tabatha Brown Clears Wendy Williams

Over the past two years social media influencer Tabatha Brown has gone from happy-go-lucky vegan Tik Tok chef to securing roles in Hollywood and even having her own spice deal with McCormick. 

This week talk show host Wendy Williams said Tabatha's 23 year marriage was headed for a break-up after Tab announced she was retiring her husband, Chance, from the LAPD so that he too could pursure his dreams. 

Have you ever heard a God fearing woman read tf out of somebody without using one curse word? Well get ready...

It all started after Wendy addressed Tab's plans to retire Chance during the Hot Topics segment, while clearly projecting her own marriage problems, describing how Chance would eventually squander Tab's money causing strain and cheating. 

And then this happened