Friday, August 20, 2021

AE Candidly Admits Cheating on Amber Rose

This week Amber Rose put her baby daddy no. 2, record exec Alexander 'AE' Edwards, on blast after catching him cheating with 12 different people [click here if you missed that]. 

AE admits cheating and says he can't and won't stop...

Yesterday AE went live with the PST podcast to answer to the charges and gleefully admitted cheating on Amber. AE says he's known Amber for years, through their mutual friends Blac Chyna and Tyga, and said he wasn't interested in dating her at first, despite Amber constantly shooting her shot, but gave in at the urging of Blac Chyna.

AE told PST that Amber told him she wanted a baby just four months into their relationship but he wasn't ready and they ended up terminating their first pregnancy. Then, according to him, Amber's gynecologist put her on Plan B but it failed resulting in a second pregnancy that he felt was God's plan, so they kept it. AE described his relationship with Amber as a bit of a distraction from his A&R work, but admitted he does love her and her son with Wiz Khalifa, but it would go against his nature to be faithful. In the end AE said the doesn't want to keep hurting Amber and that it's best she finds a man to give her what she feels she deserves. 

AE comes in at 17 min mark.