Sunday, November 28, 2021

T.I. Targeted by Atlanta Mayoral Candidate?

This Tuesday City of Atlanta residents will chose between mayoral candidates Andre Dickens and Felicia Moore after the current Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, decided not to seek a second term. 

Atlanta rapper T.I. urges his followers to vote for Andre Dickens and implies Felicia Moore had something to do with the avalanche of false sexual assault allegations lodged against he and his wife....

In a message posted on Instagram asking his followers to participate in early voting T.I. mentions that after he spoke out about Moore's plans to drastically change Atlanta's night life the sexual assault allegations mysteriously appeared. He also admits Moore's efforts to shut him up worked. 

T.I. also put his money where his mouth is by providing a ride to polls for his followers. 

Fun Fact: Felicia Moore, who is a non partisan candidate, was the only city council member to take an audience with Sabrina Peterson after she was carjacked in Atlanta. Sabrina Peterson is the former friend of T.I. and Tiny who began posting their alleged sexual assault victims and their stories  on Instagram [click here if you missed that].