Thursday, December 30, 2021

Birdman Sued Over Unpaid Rent

Last year Cash Money Records CEO Bryan 'Birdman' Williams pledged to pay one month of rent for all the residents affected by Covid19 in the New Orleans neighborhood where he grew up [click here if you missed that]. 

Maybe Birdman should have saved some of that money for his own rent...

...cause he's being sued for back rent on a Bel-Air mansion.  

From Radar Online
According to court documents obtained by Radar, Cycad Management is suing Bryan Williams aka Birdman. The suit accuses the music mogul of breach of contract.
Cycad is a company that works with the owner of a Los Angeles mansion to manage the property. The suit says Birdman agreed to rent the property on a month-to-month basis at the rate of $33k a month.
The parties reached an oral agreement with Birdman choosing not to sign paperwork with the company. Cycad claims Birdman stopped paying his rent 5 months ago.
The suit says the company demanded full payment, but Birdman has blown off their letters. Cycad claims Birdman owes them a total of $141k in unpaid rent through December 31, 2021. He also owes $6,624 for the unpaid cleaning bill. 
The total the company is seeking is $147,624.

Fun Fact: Four years ago Birdman was ordered to vacate his Miami mansion after using the home for collateral and then defaulting on the loan [click here if you missed that].  


Anonymous said...

Nobody in they right mind wouldn't sign an agreement. Especially with someone that is known to be a shyster.
Toni and Birdman have serious money issues. If she marries him (which I doubt) they both will be sitting on the curb with no place to live.

ms mac said...

What kind of reputable property management company enters into an oral rental agreement for that kind of money? Something's doesn't sound right about that. And if they don't get paid that's what they deserve just for making stupid business moves.

R in NYC said...

$33,000 a month? Why tho?
Is Toni still with his broke azz?

Unknown said...

Eyeroll 🙄

Anonymous said...

The judge is going to toss this scam artist rental property company out on their behinds for lying. No property management company would dare rent out a mansion via oral agreement. Bwahaha At most all they would ever get is 30 days rent based on a month to month, but even then he could say there was no rental agreement because rental agreements must be in writing in most states.

I troll it like I see it said...

I don't like this predatory pedophile male pimp nigga, another useless black devil kneegrow.

PAula said...

Toni, Get Your Purse Girl. Help a Brother Out.

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