Friday, December 17, 2021

Tristan Thompson's Texas Paternity Suit Dismissed

Earlier this month news leaked that Tristan Thompson secretly fathered a child with his personal trainer behind his baby mama Khloe Kardashian's back [click here if you missed that]. 

The paternity suit Tristan filed in Texas, to avoid a hefty child support order, has been dismissed...

...and moved to more mom friendly California. 

While Tristan Thompson and Maralee Nichols’ legal battle is far from over, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal that a judge ruled to dismiss the paternity lawsuit and child support case filed by the NBA player in Texas.
According to a source, both Thompson, 30, and Nichols, 31, were present and gave live testimonies at the virtual hearing on Wednesday, December 15. While the personal trainer filed a paternity lawsuit against the athlete in California in June, Thompson took legal action against Nichols in July in Texas, where he alleged she owns property.
“Regardless of whether any act of conception occurred in Texas that could have led to the conception of the child, they [allegedly] had a lengthy relationship spanning multiple states,” the source told Us about Wednesday’s hearing. “The child was born in California, the mother resides there and so does Tristan. It would make sense the judge would dismiss this given the facts and the California lawsuit filed prior to the Texas one.”


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the child. Thats all I got.

ms mac said...

Nichols to Thompson: Checkmate, beeyaaatch!

Anonymous said...

Good! Serves his doofus ass right!

Laa soul said...

Can't nobody tell me that this dude did not ride the slow yellow bus in school.


Anonymous said...

Well that plan

Anonymous said...

This baby mama is playing chess honey! I knew when she made that move it was to secure a California bag. She’ll get wayyyy more money residing in Cali than she would in Texas. You big dummy.

TRACI404 said...

Whomever is his lawyer is robbing his dumb a**.
Just cause the you hooked up in Texas doesnt mean anything.
The child was born in Cali
And BOTH OF Y'ALL are residents there! Duhhh!
and the text he sent about being unemployed after retires is stupid..they will LOCK YOUR A** UP and make you get a job.

TRACI404 said...

@Laa Soul
he is 30 and dumb as a rock.
Not wearing a condom while he is sling D is the first hint!

Anonymous said...

Cali is mommy friendly, but Atlanta hates moms so never go there. Lol Btw, he didn't know busting in a vagina equaled a new little bity life? What did he think sperm was, just skeeting and jerking?

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