Friday, December 17, 2021

Wendy Williams Upset Over Talk Show Success Despite Her Absence?

While Wendy Williams has been on indefinite medical leave, insiders claims she is insanely jealous that her talk show has been doing just fine without her...

From The Sun
WENDY Williams is “jealous” of Sherri Shepherd's ratings during the host's long absence from her daytime talk show, sources have exclusively told The Sun.
One source told The Sun that Sherri winning over Wendy’s audience has become a thorn in the ailing host’s side.
As the source put it: “Sherri is the closest to Wendy that her fans are going to get, and she’s funny!”
“Wendy can't stand watching people fill in for her. She just can't, and especially someone like Sherri who is getting the love from her own audience."
The insider also noted the daytime diva has grown frustrated during her time off for medical reasons.
“Wendy gets crazy jealous, and having to sit on the sidelines is eating her up but there's no way around it.”
“The show must continue and when Sherri's on, the numbers go up."