Friday, January 21, 2022

Akon Sued by Former Business Partner

R&B singer Akon slapped with a $4 million lawsuit by his former partner, record exec Devyne Stephens...

Akon’s former business partner claims the R&B singer still owes him nearly $4 million from a prior settlement agreement, according to new court papers.
Devyne Stephens — a music exec who’s worked with musicians including Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Usher, Pink and TLC — claims he’s still owed $750,000 and at least $3 million in royalties, according to an amended complaint filed in the 2021 Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.
Under the 2018 agreement, the “Smack That” singer agreed to pay Stephens $3.25 million over the course of four years but he still hasn’t paid the last installment of $750,000, the updated suit claims.
This is the third time that Stephens has had to drag the Senegalese songwriter — whose career he helped launch — to court following their business breakup.
Stephens alleges that Akon sabotaged his relationship with Atlantic Records to get out of a clause of their settlement that states he would pay Stephens royalties for four future albums while under a “major” label, according to the filing from Tuesday.
Now Akon claims he should be let off the hook for Stephens’ 20 percent cut of royalties since he’s now under BMG Records, Stephens alleges in the court papers.
But Stephens argues that Akon can’t get out of those royalty payments since Akon allegedly intentionally breached his contract with Atlantic and since BMG “by any objective metric, is a ‘major’ record label.”
“Akon has spent the better part of a decade frustrating Stephens’ attempts to obtain large amounts of money which Akon unambiguously promised in contracts to pay Stephens,” the court documents charge.
“Although Akon argues he is not currently signed to a ‘major’ record label, he is wrong,” the suit claims.


R in NYC said...

Pay the man his money!

I troll it like I see it said...

Never trust African's, they are among the shadiest of black folks. They sold their own people into slavery for some trinkets.

Gg57 said...

Akon has fake hair now??? Lol

Anonymous said...

Akorn is not even relevant anymore with no hit songs in the last 15yrs. He is holding on to he's coins. If you're not touring, you can't make money.

Anonymous said...

Akorn is Lady GaGga filthy rich!

Anonymous said...

@"I Troll It Lik I See It Said"- who told you Africans sold their people into slavery? Since White people wrote it for the history books, gullible fools like yourself believe everything their own version. FYI slavery was not unique to Africa ... but somehow only black slavery was reported and recorded cos it was run by whites who devised the evil practice to divide and rule.

Anonymous said...

@10:33 is that you Willy Lynch

Anonymous said...

@12:26 No he is bigger than ever he has released multiple albums in several "different languages" in the international market its common that people think because an artist is not on his favorite urban station anymore every hour on the hour in constant rotation thatthey have fallen off not true the international market is much more lucrative and by far much larger its a big world and America is not the world leader it once was

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