Monday, January 03, 2022

Halle Berry and Van Hunt are NOT Married

On New Year's Day Halle Berry and Van Hunt seemingly announced they were married with a picture of them kissing at an alter in a tropical locale [click here if you missed that]. 

Not so fast...


Anonymous said...

Stunt Queens. HB needs to be searching for her failing career.

Anonymous said...

Halle has become so thirsty these past 5 years. She wasnt even on social media back in the 00s and early 2010s. I wonder what got into her.

Chelle said...

Lol 11:04

COOLKID said...

@11:04 AM... Her career is NOT "failing". She's working and appears to be happy. I bet your account can't compare to hers.

Anonymous said...

Oh lawd CoolGurl is back with her lies of fiction. All HB lead movies have failed in the last 10yrs. She is another Jennifer Aniston all personal hype and movie flops.

Anonymous said...

I want to admire Halle but she so full of shit just like a typical Leo woman. Notice a pattern amongst them in Hollywood and in real life---leo women are weak, codependent and can't stay alone or be low key to save their lives. Jennifer Lopez, Whitney, Madonna, Halle, Megan Goode. They will latch on to anything rather than be single---men, women ( Leo women are huge lesbians yet hide behind the wife and mother role) transgenders, young ppl,broke ppl--they even recycle lovers like Jlo. Stunt queens, attention whores--think about it. Leo women have a pattern they can't keep a man to save their lives that's why they go thru so many partners. Halles antics doesn't surprise

Anonymous said...

What is a Leo woman because I don't see it in the Bible? I was born in August but I don't believe in astrology, I believe in God and individuality. God made people unique, not based on months of the year.I have been married to 1 man for over 20 years, and so your theory is flawed. He was my 1st and has been my only man since age 20. We have been happy for decades. My sister-in-law was born Aug.8th and has been married 30 years. Every so-called Leo woman I know has been happily married to the same man for a mighty long time. Why don't you simply say women in sin or Hollywood women, because countless Christian women are born in August and they have zero trouble keeping a husband.

Anonymous said...

Leo women are huge lesbians yet hide behind the wife and mother role


@3:39 And what about the Leo bitches born in July? Do they count too????????

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