Sunday, January 02, 2022

New Year Celebrations with Your Faves

Fan favorites share pictures of their New Year celebrations....


Anonymous said...

The Obamas, a first-class couple. True Black Love.
Diddy's daughters need a new makeup artist. They look a too hard in the jaw.
Kelly should get her son some braces. He got that Veg O Matic grill.
MKnowles has another woman that looks like she could put some Voodoo on yea.
Oprah keeps everyone in check wit that Covid isolation. That's how you stay healthy.
Jada, I respect your hair lost journey. Keeping it real.
Neyo & wife should switch red out fits.
Omarion nobody really cares about your corny post.
Nene (Roudolph) who had a very shiny nose, is still going to thirst for headlines and get back on TV.
NM & Pedi just pls go away.

Anonymous said...

Who truly gives a fuck about how these overpaid house slaves are celebrating? How much did they donate to the hundreds of people who just lost their homes in the Colorado fires on New Year's Eve? Well, let me go donate because yeah... fuck these rich puppets.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with the black community we don't support each other always tearing down one another, Happy New Year everyone hopefully we start supporting each other, and the person saying how much money they giving for the Colorado wildfires,you sound biter just do your part and life your life

SnookumsLynn said...

Too many folks support these clowns. These folks are well paid by yt folks.

When we talking about black support we need to support our schools and programs for the youths. Support the black businesses in your communities. Support tangible black shit.

Anonymous said...

@10:20 Thank you!

STFU @8:04!!!

Anonymous said...

Obamas & Winfrey & S. Harvey = clones
All executed for Crimes Against Humanity. Don't believe everything you see in your 3D level of consciousness.

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