Friday, January 14, 2022

Wendy Williams Cuts Contact with Her Producers?

This week rumors circulated that daytime talk show host Wendy Williams' staff was a bit concerned after she got drunk, stripped naked and began making vulgar statements in her home studio [click here if you missed that]. 

Now comes word that Wendy has cut all contact with her producers...

From The Sun
A source close to The Wendy Williams Show exclusively revealed to The Sun that Wendy, 57, has stopped talking to production staff and seems to have disappeared during her months-long absence from the show.
The insider told The Sun: “She hasn’t been talking to anybody, not producers, not senior producers- no one.
“She has disappeared and the only line of contact production has is through her manager.”
While production is concerned for the troubled host after she seemed to have fallen off the grid, they do appreciate her manager’s expertise and find some solace in his capabilities.
“Her manager is an ex-cop, so they like him because he can be a police man for her,” despite that- the source said “He really has no control over her anyway.”
The show source added: “She's isolated herself from everyone and isn’t talking to anybody connected to the show.”
Meanwhile, several sources have told The Sun that staffers fear Wendy will never return to the show.
As the insider put it: “I don't think she's ever going to come back to the studio.”


Anonymous said...

Let her heal. Mental health has no time limit on how long it takes to recover. She probably doesn't want to talk to them because they are the ones feeding the blogs with untrue gossip. She will tell it when she is ready.

Dee said...

They gone get rid of Wendy. The rumors and stories have begun. It's cringey, but this happened sometime last year and they're just now airing it out. We shouldn't even know this story. It seems like a violation of her privacy. I think it's a shame. Just quit Wendy or yall just let her go. Yall don't have to drag the woman when she's down.... like she did so many people. Just let her go quietly. Be kind to her instead. Maybe when she heals she'll know what kindness is and start doing the same. I don't even like the woman like that, but this is sad. I feel bad for her.

Anonymous said...

Somebody on Wendy's show is playing games and if I were her, I would clean house. They're planting these stupid stories in an attempt to get Wendy to respond to them. They want to know the future of the show for their own professional gains but they should allow Wendy to heal.

Qbevonne67 said...

It’s not a joke or funny! I am watching my Mother go through decades of not dealing with ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences/Trauma). My mother worked for the VP of Bayer Pharmaceuticals 6 yrs ago at at 62, she fell off and continue abusing and drinking to the point where she’s BPD. BPD and chronic alcoholism unchecked leads to this right here and what I am going through right now! My kids are in college staying ri help my mom keep her house in the SFBay, and we are watching her CHOOSE to decline after having the finest access to care and treatment. These women are damaged and weren’t taught to take care is their physical and mental health!

I will be the first woman in my generation to age well and take care of my PTSD (from the military) and my mental health. I must break this generational curse of poor black mental and physical health outcomes!!

WE ALL MUST DO IT!! People are getting more mentally ill by the day as society gets worse. The work force is changing and COVID is accelerating the fact that we are automated and there is 20/30 of jobs not coming back and the misinformation in this nation with the media and news is also killing folk and damaging kids online.

As an educator in psychology and literacy, we are heading humanistically in the wrong direction. I barely been on social media the last 5/6 yrs and trained my kids at an early age to stay offline and read, travel, exercise and learn something new each day and a language!

PLEASE Y’ALL TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH. Be an example to others in the struggle!

R in NYC said...

Amen! @ 2:59
Well said. Mental health is not taken seriously enough in this country. So many women and children are being killed by husbands and boyfriends, so many murder-suicides, so many kids being abused and murdered and most of it is not being reported nationwide. It's a very wicked world we live in.
Wendy is doing what she needs to do in order to heal. She probably doesn't trust anyone but her son at this point.
That show is not important compared to her sanity.
Whoever leaked this ish about her is a snake.

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