Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Azealia Banks Defends Butt Augmentation

Azealia Banks got her butt done and is defending her decision to her fans...

First AB shared the results, you can see the uncensored version on her page, and then her defense.


Anonymous said...

The before def looks better than the after, in my opinion.

R in NYC said...

Her clients will love it.

Anonymous said...

She needs an injection for her attitude and music.

I troll it like I see it said...

What R in NYC said. She is an industry escort, besides she already has fake hair, breast, nails and probably teeth too. Crazy bish with fake body parts is standard in the industry, see the kartrashians.

Anonymous said...

She's funny--i like her witty crazy ass

Anonymous said...

Azealia Banks brands Julia Fox a 'low rate escort with a crack baby' in vicious war of words after the actress split from Kanye West

Azealia, 30, branded Julia, 32, a low rate escort and claimed the actress' 13-month-old son was a 'crack baby' in a slew of vile posts
Julia responded by claiming the rapper had asked her for drugs in the past and used her to set up paparazzi shoots
The exchange came after Julia announced she had split from rapper Kanye this week following a whirlwind two month romance
Last week, Azealia attacked Kanye in another online rant, branding him an 'abusive psychopath'

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