Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Maralee Nichols Calls Tristan Thompson a Dead Beat Dad

Back in January NBA player Tristan Thompson acknowledged fathering a child behind the back of his baby mama Khloe Kardashian with fitness model Maralee Nichols [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Maralee says despite acknowledging paternity Tristan has not contributed to their son's upbringing in any way...

“Despite news reports stating otherwise, Tristan Thompson has done nothing to support their son,” the 31-year-old model’s rep told Us Weekly in a statement on Monday, February 14. 
“He has not made any attempt to meet their son nor has he provided any financial assistance.”


R in NYC said...

She thought he was going to be a stand up guy knowing he was cheating. Go file for child support like the rest of his harem.

Anonymous said...

Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) for dealing with Tristan Thompson
1. Hook -up
2. Unproductive intercourse
3. S.T.D. test
4. Ghosted
5. Use a popular at-home test as early as 10 days after conception.
6. Wait 9-months
7. Push it out
8. Hire a lawyer
9. Contact social services (and get them food stamps)
10. Sue for child support
And there you have S.O.P. for dealing with Tristan Thompson

Anonymous said...

@11:54 exactly. Join the club

Anonymous said...

I will repeat. Women having unprotected sex with celebrity men is a new occupation. Some get the 18ths of child support, and some don't.

Anonymous said...

Oh what is lil Ms Poking a Hole in the Condom whining about this week. Bitch on rotation when shit get worked out with the courts she will eventually get the money she stood on her head for, until then calm down. Then when the coast is clear Khloe will let him and TMZ know when it is a good opportunity for him to meet and greet his latest.

ZsaZsaDarling said...

And in other news, water is wet. Ma’am, you knew he wasn’t shit, he basically told you (and the whole world) he had no intention of caring for that child, financially or otherwise. These exoticals swear they gonna get treated different. Nope! Still trash. Goodbye!

Anonymous said...

Thank the lord.
A black athlete marry's a sister. The legendary United States gymnast Simone Biles revealed on Instagram that she is engaged to be married to NFL player Jonathan Owens.
Now this is something to celebrate. Not TT

Anonymous said...

He is a dead beat of a man too but that didnt stop ol Maraboo from getting knocked up by him.

I troll it like I see it said...

What did this pale face bitch expect? you fucked a male slut, hoping to get knocked up, and you did, only you ain't getting no shine off it, cause nobody gives a fuck about him, you or your spawn. Besides Kloe works the strap on better with Trisha. He don't give a fuck about that ugly bish either, but at least he get some attention from the bored public, being with her ugly ass.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL you wrong for that lol

Unknown said...

I am shocked! Shocked! That this 3x deadbeat baby daddy would (shocker) be a deadbeat to a child that he publicly denied, while calling it's mother a golddigging, herpes infested, whore who tricked him into busting a raw nut! It's absolutely shocking and appalling that this rich man doesn't want anything to do with a child that was the product of a golddiggers child support shakedown. Shocking. Maybe now ole girl understands that when a man says "no", he means it. Dudes nowadays ain't falling for the okie dokie shit like niggas in the 80s. Men don't care about taking care of kids that aren't conceived with women that they love and/or committed to. Especially kids that were the product of golddigging. All this "shame" that women try to project onto men ("you should take care of your kids!") ain't flying no more. Men are demanding accountability from women. If you lie on birth control, or purposely try to get pregnant, knowing how dude feels, then you can't be surprised when the only thing your kid gets is a mandated child support check. And these women are going to learn just how much these check babies are gonna cost them; the kids grow up resentful, because they see how doting of a father their dad is to the kids he loved and the families that he wanted with other women. That emotional and mental anguish is gonna be heartbreaking. It's just sad that these tricks don't think beyond an 18 year pay off. Smh

The King Of The Real said...

You aint the main chick. Take yo check and move on

Anonymous said...

says the woman who knew who he was before she got with him... thirst much...go get that check like you wanted... hahahahaha

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