Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Family Members Suspect Foul Play in Death of Moses J. Moseley

Last week The Walking Dead star Moses J. Moseley was found dead of a suspected suicide [click here if you missed that]. 

Moseley's family do not believe he would take his own life...

From TMZ
The family of 'Walking Dead' actor Moses J. Moseley does not think he committed suicide ... they believe he was kidnapped and murdered.
Moses' sister, Teerea Kimbro, tells TMZ ... everyone who was close to Moses knew he loved life and she believes with all her heart he was kidnapped and then killed 3 days later.
The family says cops told them they're looking at possible foul play, and Henry County Police Captain Randy Lee tells TMZ ... "It is being investigated as a possible suicide, however, detectives are following any and all available avenues and not ruling anything out."

Moseley was found inside his locked car with a gun in his lap and a gun shot wound to the face. 


Anonymous said...

I didnt hear anyone say he had a history of mental problems.
I'll wait for the more info on this one. Oh no wait a minute. I know the conspiracy ID channel Snitch reporters will come up with some story on how and why he killed himself. Thier information is always right with solid evidence. NOT

Sunno said...

It sounded weird when it was reported. I don't even know the man, but refuse to believe he shot himself in the head and closed the trunk.

Unknown said...

Racists are getting more bold. It's an election year, vote!

Anonymous said...

Well duh

I'm just here so I dont get fined said...

I live in this county right down the street from where they located his body. It's not a racist town plenty of different races but this isn't the 1st crime in this area!

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