Thursday, February 10, 2022

India Arie Calls Parts of Joe Rogan's Apology Disingenuous

This week recording artist India Arie faced huge backlash for accepting Joe Rogan's apology for repeatedly using the n-word on his podcast, after she pulled her music from Spotify to protest the obscene amount of money Joe Rogan makes on the streaming app vs what Spotify pays recording artists [click here if you missed that].

India admits parts of Joe Rogan's apology was disingenuous but she says people are losing the plot...

In a video posted on Instagram India insists her issue was never with Joe Rogan and was always about how little artists are paid by Spotify. India says it was also never her intent to 'cancel' Joe Rogan because even if he were dropped by Spotify there would always be other streaming services eager to give him a platform. 

India admits she felt parts of Joe Rogan's apology was disingenuous because he is fully aware of the loaded nature of the n-word but consciously chose to use it to be edgy.