Monday, February 07, 2022

Kim Accuses Kanye of Putting a Hit Out on Her

In the latest saga of the increasingly messy divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Kanye claims Kim is telling people he wants her dead...

Yesterday on Instagram Kanye revealed that Kim has accused him of putting a hit out on her and also accused him taking things from her house when he drops off the kids. Kanye claims Kim is trying to get him locked up and warns that he's not going to "play about his Black children anymore." 

Kanye also put a pair of Kim's cousins on blast for pretending to offer help while asking him about Yeezy sneakers.

Then Kanye went on a diatribe blaming his mother for destroying his relationship with his father and ranting about how he gave the Kardashians the culture and if they keep playing with him about his kids he'll take it back. 

Kanye also says he's fighting for every parent being alienated from their children and that he shouldn't have to beg for the location of his kids.  

Later Kanye burned the Global Creative Director at Apple Music, Larry Jackson, by disclosing that he's the one who finally gave him Kim's number so he could continue his barrage offline. 

After all that, Kanye was spotted with his children at a listening event for his Sunday Service choir.