Monday, February 07, 2022

Twitter 'Likes' Undercut Awkwafina's Acknowledgment of Cultural Appropriation

Over the weekend, after months of pressure from Black Twitter, Stoneybrook, NY born Korean actress Nora 'Awkwafina' Lum acknowledged her blatant appropriation of Black culture and her insulting use of 'blackccent.' 

Unfortunately Nora's Twitter 'likes' revealed her true feelings...

After the obligatory, "I never meant to offend anyone" post, that didn't include an actual apology, it was Awkafina's Twitter 'likes' that revealed her statement was nothing more than a PR directive. Namely the Tweet she liked from a white rapper that said she didn't owe anyone an explanation and that's there's an entire world that exists outside Twitter. 

Fun Fact: During her days as a "rapper" Awkwafina went viral for a song called 'My Vag' where she said her rivals' vag was "scary like Serena Williams."