Monday, February 28, 2022

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa Back Together?

Last month actor Jason Momoa announced he and actress Lisa Bonet were parting ways after two children and nearly 15 years together, five of them married [click here if you missed that]. 

Have Jason and Lisa kissed and made up...? 

Sure sounds like it. 

According to multiple reports Jason Momoa has moved back in with his wife Lisa Bonet and they are quietly trying to work on their marriage. 

Neither Jason nor Lisa have confirmed or denied. 


Anonymous said...

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa back sharing dirt baths together*

Fixed it for ya

Unknown said...

Lisa,had smoke for Mrs. Cosby, now she's walked in Mrs Cosby shoes, saying she should leave Mr.Cosby Lisa got back with her own husband. Lisa bish please keep your mouth closed on other people marriage. Its some rootwork going on in this Cosby case, everybody getting some payback.

Anonymous said...

^ Your comment does not understand the difference in the breakup. JM did not drug and rape women.
I wish them the best.

Unknown said...

@11:46. It was proven that Mr. Cosby did either! I understand. But some broke down 70's free-love whuures, her mama was probably one of them free love huures. is not proof. Lisa should, like I said stfu.

Unknown said...

@ 11:46 It was not proven

Qbevonne67 said...

11:46 take your illerate ass and sit down! Is it stupid kneegrows like supporting R.Kelly and other abusers. YOU STFU or get off of this thread! There is a small community here. We maybe small, but we don't put up with no "misinformation" and BS on here. Take that isht somewhere else and you STFU!

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