Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Brother Claims Zoe Bethel Ingested Cannabis Before Fall

Over the past few days friends and family members of conservative beauty queen Zoe Bethel have been questioning her official cause of death [click here if you missed that]. 

Now new details have surfaced...

A conservative Christian beauty queen plunged to her death from an upscale Miami condo building after taking a mystery cannabis substance and suffering a 'breakdown,' DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.
Zoe Sozo Bethel, the 2021 winner of Miss Alabama for America Strong, began 'acting strange' before she ran at 'full speed' towards a third-floor balcony railing, according to police.
Zoe, who has a five-year-old daughter, was overheard praying in the seconds before her February 10 fall and an eyewitness told officers she saw the 27-year-old jump.
However Zoe's brother contradicted that account of her final moments, insisting in a police interview that his sister did not see the railing and simply slammed into it and toppled over accidentally.
A police report obtained by DailyMail.com reveals that Zoe took an 'unknown amount of unknown suspected narcotics' while she was at a restaurant with her brother, Santiago Roman.
'The victim ingested a small amount of the substance. Mr Roman asked what's that substance and she replied that it was a form of cannabis that helps her relax given to her by a friend,' the report states.
The pair headed back to Roman's apartment at the seven-story La Piazza Navona condo building in Miami's waterfront Edgewater neighborhood where Zoe complained she was feeling hot.
'The victim took off her clothing and went to take a shower. Mr. Roman stated that even after taking a shower the victim was still not feeling well and began acting very strange,' the report goes on.
'Mr. Roman went into the bedroom to blow up the air mattress where the victim had been sleeping on while visiting him from out of town.
'While Mr. Roman was in the bedroom, he heard the door to the apartment open. Mr. Roman then went out and observed the victim walking near the elevator.
'Mr. Roman called out the victim's name to tell her to get back inside. The victim looked back and took off running full speed straight ahead.
'Mr. Roman stated that the victim was not aware of the balcony railing in front of her. The victim's bottom part of her body hit the railing and she fell over, landing on the first-floor parking lot.
'Mr. Roman ran down to the first-floor parking lot and observed the victim bleeding from the head and nose.'
The police report states that a female bystander witnessed the plunge from the parking lot and dialed 911.
'The caller stated there was a female having a breakdown from possibly taking too much narcotics. The 911 caller also stated that the female had jumped off the balcony,' it states.
The police report, entered by Miami Police Department Officer Jose Gutierrez, features two different narratives which are somewhat contradictory.
A second account states that Roman said Zoe was 'acting erratically pacing back and forth' before he 'observed SR [Zoe] jump off the 3rd floor of the building.'
This account states that Zoe was on the phone to another of her brothers, Zion Lemuel Bethel, in the seconds before her fall.
He told cops his sister 'was sounding distressed and at one point started to pray before she jumped,' according to the document.
The report also states that 16.9 grams of an 'unknown type' drug was recovered from the scene.


Anonymous said...

Cocaine is a hellava drug. Weed don't make you bust through windows.....

Slow Down - Brand Nubian

Anonymous said...

They trying to blame weed of all things? Her parents fucked her head up with that crazy cult shit they were in as kids...stop the madness!

Sunno said...

This wasn't weed or cocaine, it actually sounds like this young woman may have been drugged. And lets not rule out, that maybe she was pushed. Most railing come up to at least mid waist in apartment buildings, to prevent falls.

Anonymous said...

I guess we will never really know. Did the brother give he the drugs?

Anonymous said...

haha this is not no damn weed edible. this sounds like whatever she ate was laced with PCP. why didn't they do a toxicology report?

R in NYC said...

That definitely wasn't no damn weed. She was out of her mind. Nowadays there's no telling what they lace these street drugs with. I understand why they say her death was accidental.

No Chiraq said...

Some people are sensitive to the chemicals in cannabis. Ingesting it can cause a psychosis in thise people. RIP, YOUNG MON

Anonymous said...

This drama sounds like she was smoking angel dust.

Anonymous said...

Chiraq (5:33) is correct. Plus for us old heads, the legal weed they're growing now has 3X the amount of THC as compared to the 1990s. It might not even have been a full blown psychotic break. If she was having a really bad panic attack, and never had one before, it might have caused her to behave strangely and freak out. When they legalized weed in CO, people who'd never smoked weed (or at least not regularly) were calling ambulances and going to the ER because they thought they were having heart attacks or dying. Most of them were having panic attacks.

Anonymous said...

I smoked angel dust one time and one time only. I thought I could fly and went to the window, stuck my head out and said to myself "I feel like I can fly" and then another voice said You need to calm down because you will die".

Anonymous said...

My guess is pcp, angel dust or bath salts.

Anonymous said...

Never smoke weed from people you don't know...They can lace it, or dip it ,or drip, drops ,of other illegal drugs on it.....

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