Monday, March 07, 2022

Zoe Bethel Friends and Family Question Cause of Death

Last month conservative beauty queen Zoe Bethel fell from her apartment in Miami in a death that was ruled accidental [click here if you missed that]. 

Zoe's friends and family aren't so sure...
“Zoe tried to remake herself so no one would know she was the kid from Baldwin County (Alabama) who yelled ‘God hates you’ to people,” her sister Kezia Bethel, 26, told The Post. “She was able to keep it a secret on a national level. No one knew who she really was unless she came back to Baldwin County.”
Her friends and family said they want more answers about her death, which Miami police first called an “attempted suicide” and then ruled was an accident. Bethel, 27, was with at least one of her brothers at the time.
Kezia, her ex-husband, and her best friend told The Post this week that the beauty queen was definitely not suicidal and they feel Miami police have not thoroughly investigated her death, which they think was suspicious. 
A Miami police spokesman told The Post Wednesday that the case had been closed.