Thursday, March 03, 2022

Kevin Hunter Leaks Email from Wendy Show Producers

This week daytime talk show host Wendy Williams' ex-husband Kevin Hunter filed a lawsuit against Wendy Williams Show producers Debmar Murray claiming he was wrongfully terminated after Wendy filed for divorce [click here if you missed that]. 

Kevin shares an email with the media hoping to help his case...

Radar has obtained a copy of the email leaked by Kevin as part of his lawsuit. Ira wrote, “Dear Kevin, Out of respect for our 10-year working relationship, we had hoped to meet you in person and traveled to New York to do so, but unfortunately, you have canceled today’s meeting and we are left with no choice but to communicate to you in writing that effective immediately, your role as Executive Producer of the Wendy Williams Show is terminated, and your professional relationship with Debmar- Mercury is also concluded.”
Kevin argues his “divorce proceedings did not absolve the [producers] of their responsibilities to pay him for his contributions to the Show and allow him to continue in his role as Executive Producer unless agreed upon by [Kevin] and [producers] that his role would cease and that the [producers] would compensate him accordingly.”