Thursday, March 03, 2022

YFN Lucci Got Stabbed in Jail

Last year rapper YFN Lucci was taken into custody and held without bond on racketeering charges in Georgia [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Lucci is begging to be released after getting stabbed in jail...

From TMZ
According to new legal docs, the rapper claims a fellow inmate at the Fulton County Jail stabbed him last month ... and he also says he's been told there's a bounty on his head among inmates.
In the docs, obtained by TMZ, YFN Lucci claims he was stabbed from behind while on a video call with someone on the outside ... and he says the other inmate used a homemade shank to stab him.
Since the alleged stabbing back on Feb. 9, YFN Lucci claims he's been told there's a price on his head ... and he fears his life is in jeopardy if he remains in custody.
Lucci, who is also facing unrelated felony murder charges [click here if you missed that], has asked the judge to grant a bond.