Monday, April 18, 2022

R.I.P. DJ Kay Slay

DJ Kay Slay passes away after a months long battle with Covid-19...

Kid Capri, who also caught covid around the same time as DJ Kay Slay [click here if you missed that], confirmed the news on Instagram.


Anonymous said...

So sad. His poor family must be heartbroken.

Anonymous said...

What's his govt name? R. I. P.

The King Of The Real said...

So sad. He needed some cardio

COOLKID said...


Anonymous said...

Uhh DJ Kay Slay was HIV+ since the late 90's and way to fat
listen up blacks this "vax" this "covid" is genocide straight up facts!!! They put him on a ventilator once you get on that its over and the hospitals get 39k each vent and 10k for covid death and I forget how much the hospital get for a positive test.
Humans get up work out and work for yourself.

Hope his family joins the class action lawsuit that came out for the vaccine reaction victims.
May the one God have mercy on us HUMANS

Anonymous said...

Dam! @12:25pm , My cousin used to mess with him

RIP KaySlay, 1 of the realest ones that was left

Its so sad how all these new artists and dj's get
honor and recognition
But the ones that paved the way, never do :(
He will be missed

Anonymous said...

at 12:25 you sound dumb af! The hospital get 39k to vent you...ok do you understand the enormous amount of stress put on the hospital staff to try and save your life? How much is a last ditch attempt to preserve your life worth?

Anonymous said...

@12:25 is an insult to dumb people. Dude has been in the hospital for three or four months. That's a million dollar bill easy. They don't need someone to die in the hospital to make money. Dude was very likely unvaccinated due to believing the same shit you are tlking.

Hospitals don't try to keep you inside. if you have ever been to the hospital they want you fucking out. . Especially if you don't have money or health insurance. Most folks in show business have neither. The worst thing anyone reading this could take away is to NOT get vaccinated.

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