Saturday, April 09, 2022

Sabrina Peterson Triggered by T.I.'s Comedy Drama

Last week rapper T.I. got into a nasty confrontation with local Atlanta comic, Lauren Knight, after he heckled her show and she fired back by bring up his sexual assault allegations [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Sabrina Peterson, who famously accused T.I. of pulling a gun on her, which opened the floodgates for dozens of T.I.'s alleged sexual assault accusers to come forward [click here if you missed that], claims she was triggered by T.I.'s aggressive behavior with the female comic...

Under the post where Lauren initially called T.I. out for lying about what happened, Sabrina wrote that she was triggered by the incident and said Lauren was lucky she had video proof or T.I.'s lies could have ended her career. 


Anonymous said...

Sabrina, DON'T DO THREEWAYS. Yeah that advice was "a day late and a dollar short". Social climbing gutter rat.

Anonymous said...

God sees everything and if TI & Tiny are guilty of what they're being accused of, then believe me when I tell you that their day will come. They won't escape it.

Anonymous said...

Admit the part you played in the 3way. Move on and let it go gurl.

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