Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Venus and Serena Williams' Father Subpoenaed in Estranged Wife's Bankruptcy Case

Last month Venus and Serena Williams' stepmother filed for bankruptcy in a last ditch effort to save the Florida home where the tennis superstars grew up, that she allegedly stole from their father, Richard Williams, after forging his signature on the deed placing the property solely in her name [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Richard Williams, who is believed to be suffering from dementia, has been subpoenaed in his estranged wife's bankruptcy case...
According to court documents obtained by Radar, the tennis superstars’ 80-year-old father was served with a subpoena by a creditor of his 43-year-old wife, Lakeisha Williams.
Lakeisha filed for Chapter 13 in February 2022 to save her Palm Beach Gardens, Florida home.
The property in question was where Richard not only Venus & Serena but trained them to become superstars. The bankruptcy was filed weeks before it was set to hit a foreclosure auction.
Now, Simon has fired off a subpoena to Richard that demanded he appear for an examination on April 26. The creditor had questions about his relationship with his ex.
Lakeisha was also hit with a subpoena by Simon who wanted her to answer questions under oath.
Richard married Lakeisha in 2009 but filed for divorce in 2017. The two have yet to finalize the case.
As part of the divorce, Richard accused his estranged wife of forging his signature to have his name removed from the property records. He said she made herself the sole owner of the home. She denied wrongdoing.