Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Wendy Williams Requests a Meeting with Sherri Shepherd

Earlier this month budding daytime talk show host Sherri Shepherd responded to Wendy Williams' announcement that she would NOT be watching Sherri's show when she takes over Wendy's time slot this summer, telling her fans she was very worried that Wendy didn't have anyone to look out for her [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Wendy wants to have a sit-down with Sherri...

From The Sun  
In a statement given to The Sun, Wendy said: "I have tons of support around me and I am working on projects. I would love the chance to actually speak with Sherri and sit down and meet."
Wendy's rep Shawn Zanotti explained to The Sun: "I personally feel that it is difficult to wish a person well, which Sherri did, while attempting to health shame them at the same time, especially since Wendy was the one who created multiple platforms that gave Sherri several opportunities, Wendy is an icon and should be respected as such."
Wendy's attorney, LaShawn Thomas, added: "Wendy requesting to have a sit down with Sherri to have a meeting of the minds is the perfect solution as she has no ill will or intent. Wendy is preparing to get her show back in motion."