Monday, June 13, 2022

January 6th Congressional Hearing Day 2

The second public hearing for the January 6 committee focuses on election fraud lies...


Anonymous said...

These are they who hold themselves not accountable.

The King Of The Real said...

Damn Trump was really tripping. I mean after the New york 5 what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Yt people are the biggest terror threat in the world. Check out the records plenty of recipes. They will never be punished in their homeland nor over sea for the millions of deaths. There’s more brown and yellow than yt people once we stop acting and treating them like they are above they will fall.

Unknown said...

We need some executive order decisions before the midterms, and while we still control the House; Biden needs to hire/appoint more aggressive, assertive, young liberal lobbyist in his cabinet. The AG Garland is a weak, pathetic, coward. How do you have mountains of evidence about Trumpfs role of election fraud, treason, and tax evasion and still not put that orange ape in handcuffs? We need a straight thug for AG! Please - everyone - get out in vote for the midterms! The media is anticipating a huge loss for Democrats, which means a huge loss for women (abortion/birth control rights), those who want more restrictions on gun laws, LGBTQ rights, as well as people of color in general (incarceration rates, immigration rights, voting rights-redistricting, and the next SCOTUS) - there is so much riding on this year's midterm elections. Please understand: YOUR VOTE MATTERS. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. CHANGE CAN BE MADE- we just have to show up and be accounted for! As black Americans, our ancestors died, fought, jailed, and we're lynched for the right to vote! Even now, bots online are trying to convince you that your vote doesn't matter, and that the system is rigged, but the truth is, over 70% of Americans are liberal and want liberal policies, so the only way Republicans (a small vocal minority) can win is by convincing you that your voice/vote doesn't matter or won't change your circumstances; that is an UGLY RACIST FOG WHISTLING LIE! If our vote didn't mean anything then these racists wouldn't be investing billions of dollars to misinformed and confuse you about the political process and the political parties.

Bill Maher once said: there's a difference between an imperfect friend and a deadly enemy. Democrats are not perfect, but you stand the greatest chance of getting what you want under democratic leadership. Whereas under Republican leadership you get racism, homophobia, sexism, and yt nationalism terrorist who become legal overseers to black and brown communities; which is exactly how the Jim Crowe era was created; yt racists felt like black ppl were replacing them (after reconstruction) and the KKK (modern day yt nationalists) fed yt ppl racist propaganda about what the world would look like if blacks and yt ppl coexisted as equals. So those terrified yts voted in racists who enacted racist policies and legislations (blacks must sit in the back of the bus, home ownerships outlawed in yt neighborhoods etc) - and if black and brown ppl don't come out en masse to vote, the south in the 60s, will be what our entire nation will look like?

Please, please, please VOTE in November!!!

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