Friday, July 08, 2022

More Secret Kids for Herschel Walker?

Last week it was revealed that the Donald Trump endorsed Republican candidate for Georgia Senate, Herschel Walker, secretly fathered several children that he didn't acknowlege [click here if you missed that]. 

More children may be coming forward... 

After the initial report The Daily Beast discovered that Herschel Walker even lied to his closest campaign advisers about the existence of his secret children until he was no longer able to keep lying.

In internal emails Herschel's team mocks him and shows concern that he may be a pathological liar. 

There is also chatter that there may be more of Herschel's abandoned children out there and his team are taking several tips seriously enough to launch an investigation. 

Meanwhile Christian Walker, the one son Herschel did acknowledge, has been forced to take down a video blasting Nick Cannon for being an irresponsible father with too many baby mamas.