Monday, July 25, 2022

R. Kelly Robbed Blind by Friends and Managers

Before being sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking R&B singer / songwriter R. Kelly sat down with doctors to evaluate his mental health in hopes that the findings would help lessen his sentence [click here if you missed that]. 

R. Kelly talks about how he was taken advantage of because he can't read...

During his sit-down with doctors, Kelly spoke in detail about his illiteracy and how it allowed others to take advantage of him. He remembered as a child when he first tried to learn to read, “the first word that came to mind was “hell.”
Kelly said he often wondered what was wrong with him and why he couldn’t learn. In school, he said it caused him to fear to have to read aloud. The singer said he envied his peers who could read, write and socialize comfortably.
“I always get that if people could see my eyes or hear me read, they’d know I was the dummy that I was called at the time,” he said.
Kelly said his grades throughout school were mostly Fs except for gym class. He was held back “more than once” and was the only student in the class with a beard. He said in high school he was “way out of my league, and I knew it.”
A doctor who tested Kelly said he “had significant impairments in all areas of academic functioning, placing him in the bottom first to third percentiles and at the early elementary school level (i.e.; first and third grade)."
Kelly also described being a victim of financially exploitation. He said he was told at the time of “some sort of audit” that his net worth was $900 million.
He described numerous examples of being taken advantage of by those he trusted. He said he asked one ex-manager to invest his money in a recording studio, a cigar bar, and a keyboard branded with his name, but none of this occurred.
The manager allegedly instead rented a studio and started a popular restaurant in Chicago. Another example included Kelly being kidnapped in Nigeria. The information about the situation was redacted heavily.
The report also said Kelly visit a bank for the first time two months before he was arrested in 2019. At the bank, he said he learned he had bad credit. A teller told him he had multiple accounts but had only $300k.
“He took out $10k for the first time in his life, and his account was frozen a month later,” the doctor wrote.
The statement contradicts prosecutors claim Kelly had a bank account opened after his arrest that held $1.2 million. They said he diverted his royalties to a childhood friend’s bank account.


Anonymous said...

Cry me a river, Ray Charles was BLIND and still kept tabs on his money. If you're a 30 year old person that can't read your bank statements or credit reports that's your dumb ass, let alone over 45 y.o. and can't read a street sign you deserve to be as financially exploited as much as you were sexually exploiting others. And what grown woman going to marry and have kids by a man with a 2nd grade reading level? Dumb, everybody involved is dumb, dumber & dumbest. These people should come with labels and not be allowed to procreate.

I still listen to his greatest hits album tho and I'll never stop🥸

Anonymous said...

Where's his family, his siblings or are they impaired also? That's unfortunate he made tens of millions and barely has anything to show for it. It's very rare a songwriter/producer must keep doing shows just to make ends meet. I heard Aaliyah's family owns most of his publishing and that's the real reason he's broke. Could be a lie though.

COOLKID said...

No comment...

Anonymous said...

He should have gotten a tutor.

The King Of The Real said...

You got plenty of time to learn now Robert

Anonymous said...

Cue the violins.

Me said...


Anonymous said...

Is he dyslexic? He could have bought help.

R in NYC said...

Hookt on Phawnix werked fer me!

Anon said...

Lame ass excuses!! He could've hired tutors and invested in a literacy course, instead of sexual gratification. He had the time and the money. No sympathy over here!

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