Friday, August 05, 2022

Mystikal Denied Bail

Earlier this week New Orleans rapper Mystikal was arrested on rape charges in Louisiana [click here if you missed that]. 

The rapper will remain in jail until trial after being denied bail...

From The Advocate
Following a one-hour hearing Tuesday, district Judge Steven Tureau found that the seriousness of the case, the weight of evidence against Tyler, his past criminal history, and the victim’s stated fears that she might be attacked again if he were released met the “clear and convincing” evidence standard to hold him without bail.
Before the ruling, Ascension prosecutors had Sheriff’s Detective Garrett Keith testify about his investigation into the attack and rape and Tyler’s past brushes with the law.
Under questioning from prosecutor Kenneth Dupaty, Keith explained that the woman had gone to Tyler’s home around 8 p.m. Saturday to talk about his past financial commitments to her and that the conversation seemed to go fine until he went to the bathroom and his demeanor changed markedly.
Keith said Tyler began accusing the woman of stealing cash and repeatedly beat, choked and pulled out her hair but also later apologized for his actions. He prayed with her and threw rubbing alcohol on her to cleanse her "bad spirits" before he raped her.
Keith said deputies later found some hair braids from the woman, an earring and a broken nail in Tyler’s home. The woman also had lots of bruises and cuts.
A later examination found wounds consistent with rape, Keith said.