Friday, August 26, 2022

The REAL Reason Wendy Williams Bank Accounts Were Frozen

This week it was reported that a $100,000 shopping spree by Wendy Williams' son Kevin Hunter Jr triggered her financial guardianship [click here if you missed that]. 

Turns out it was a little more complicated than that...

From Page Six  

Page Six has learned that Williams’ desire to buy Kevin Jr. a condo in Miami prompted what ultimately would lead to the guardianship she is now living under as ruled by a New York court.
A source tells us that Williams enlisted Wells Fargo financial adviser Lori Schiller to work out the details of the real estate purchase because the adviser allegedly promised the “Wendy’s Got the Heat” author that she could help her avoid commission fees. A month before Kevin Jr.’s lease was up, however, he got a call from his landlord that said he never received an offer to purchase and the price had skyrocketed another $250,000.
Wendy Williams’ former attorney LaShawn Thomas confirms these claims in her statement and explains that Schiller — out of nowhere — informed Kevin Jr. she “could no longer speak with him without Wendy’s written authorization” because a verbal one was “no longer sufficient.” In response, Williams asked to be taken to a local Wells Fargo branch to submit the written authorization and power of attorney; however, Thomas claims the local branch manager “refused to accept” the power of attorney.
Williams and the branch manager called Schiller, who was in charge, who then would only agree to talk to Williams without anyone else present, including Thomas, who was her legal representative at the time.
“The right to counsel is a constitutional right that a financial institution does not have the freedom to curtail,” Thomas says in her statement, noting that Schiller ultimately agreed to fly to Miami to meet with Williams, but she never arrived.
Schiller didn’t respond to Page Six’s request for comment, but a spokesperson for Wells Fargo has denied “any allegations of improper actions with respect to Ms. Williams’ accounts.”