Thursday, October 20, 2022

Kanye West Ready to Finalize Divorce From Kim Kardashian

For the past year Kanye West has been refusing to cooperate with divorce proceedings from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian [click here if you missed that]. 

Looks like Yeezy is finally ready to move on...

According to court documents obtained by, Kanye has FINALLY started the process of finalizing his divorce from Kardashian.
As previously reported, Kanye recently hired two new big-time lawyers to help represent him in his divorce.
The new attorneys include Robert Stephan Cohen — who helped Melinda Gates in her divorce from Bill Gates and represented Rupert Murdoch.
Kanye also hired California lawyer Nicholas A. Salick to work on the case.
Now, Kanye’s lawyer has informed the court that the disgraced music mogul has turned over a copy of income and expense reports along with a list of his assets and debts. Kim handed over her finances in December 2021.
The move is required by the court and usually means the case is starting to progress


Anonymous said...

They need to get a divorce for TV than get back together remarry/renew vows for TV.

The problem with these KLOWNS is that they know "How to be Famous"

For instance Kanye can say anything and HIDE behind MENTAL illness!

So if he gets sued the just say "he is Krazy"🙈🙉🙊

Anonymous said...

The "disgraced" music mogul? Disgraced according to whom? The YTs and boot lickers? Who tf wrote that shyt?

Anonymous said...

This Ye persona dun fuk'd up doubling down on them Jewish comments..They calling for Adidas boycott & statement. Talking about their kids & their kids friends not wearing that yeezy sh*t....Ye just fuk'd up RETAIL 4qtr..and will trickle into Spring 23....They about to mark down all that new shit plus the production following holiday season...When he comes out this manic mode & realize he did way too much... he going back to Chicago to use the Minister.

Anonymous said...

Why do you need to lawyers to drain your pockets? Just sign the paperwork and move.

Anonymous said...

Slavery for incarcerated persons is on the November ballot in 5 US states. Please read up on it and educate yourselves. Let’s not be caught off guard.

Anonymous said...

This nut and the plastic broad

Dee said...

@1:21 Ye IS a disgrace and has been a disgrace since TMZ -- talkum bout slavery was a choice. Eff him and you too if you think that sht is cool. Mofos love to ride with a nigg even when he's wrong and continually shows he don't give a sht about yo blk as - ewww. Ye don't like black people (in my Kanye West voice)

Anonymous said...

So is Whoopi disgraced as well?

TRACI404 said...

When is he going away?
He has been 51/50'd
Wont take his medicine
And is mentally unstable.
Stop talking about Kanye Kardashian

Anonymous said...

He’s going away soon. He went after the Jews. You can dog Black people all day long but mention a Jew and it’s over. Happened to that congress lady, Nuri Martinez, in California. She thought she was gonna keep her job till they realized she was talking sh&t about Jews, too.

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