Thursday, October 20, 2022

Matt Barnes Accused of Mistreating Anansa Sims' Children

Matt Barnes is currently dating model Beverly Johnson's daughter Anansa Sims, with whom he shares a son [click here if you missed that].

Now the fiancée of Ananas's older children's father claim his kids are afraid of Matt and the fiancée wants a restraining order against him...

From The Blast  

Former NBA star Matt Barnes is being dragged to court by the family of his girlfriend, including her ex-husband and his new girlfriend who claim he is harassing them.
According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Melisa Andino filed a restraining order against the basketball player asking for protection from him for herself, her fiance (NFL star David Patterson), and his three children. It should be noted, the three kids are with Matt’s current girlfriend, Anansa Sims, from their previous relationship.
In the filing, Andino explains that the two families are engaged in co-parenting the children, but feels they are not in a good place while staying with Barnes. Plus, she is accusing him of harassing them in group text messages.
She explained, “August 22nd. 2022: The children reported to me and my fiance. David Patterson, that they were scared of Matt. They said that he is not nice to them. They said they are treated like visitors at his home. even though they live there. Little David said that he spends most of his time in a closet at Matt’s house.”
Adding, “They said that Matt only speaks to them at family dinners. They said the rest of the time, he goes into a room and smokes. They said that they feel like their mother loves Matt more than she loves them. This is very concerning to me since I have also been threatened by Matt Barnes.”
It’s unclear why Patterson’s fiancee is filing the restraining order and not him — since he is the children’s father — but it appears some of the “threats” have been sent in her direction. She also pointed out, the children “live at Matt’s home 50% of the time (every other week when they are with their mother.)”
As for the harassment, she doesn’t include the specific messages but describes the situation as “The harassment occurred in a group text chat. The individuals in the group text chat were: Matt Barnes, David Patterson, Anansa Sims. Beverly Johnson. Leesa Jackson and myself (Melisa Andino).”
In the filing, Patterson’s fiancee outlines a few incidents where she believes there are issues with Barnes’ behavior, saying, “There are times that one of the children has started to tell me or my fiance something that happened at Matt’s house. and another child will say “Shh…don’t talk about that.” This makes me fear that they are being threatened not to tell us what goes on at Matt’s home. Given the public life Matt and Anansa lead. there are videos on social media of him cursing at the kids and pushing them.”
She continued, “If Matt Barnes will threaten me, a principal who has never said anything to him. would threaten a police officer. would choke and assault a woman…l understand why the children finally told their father and l that they were scared of him. l don’t believe children should be forced to live with a person who mistreats them because that is who their mother chooses to be with.”
In the end, a judge did not order Barnes restrained from the group but set a hearing to hear each side of the story on November 4, 2022.


Anonymous said...

Why is Matt Barnes speaking on Nia Long’s relationship when there's problem in his home.

Anonymous said...

This doesn’t surprise me. Anansa is a ‘Pickmeshia’ so her kids’ fear of that angry pretty boy is not far fetched. He never gave fatherly vibes with his own boys. I used to watch her when her mother Beverly Johnson had that reality tv show. She was rude as h3ll to her mother and anything her then husband did was never good enough.
She doesn’t care about her kids being kids. All she cares about is that ninja d!cking her down real good.

Anonymous said...

FCUK dem kidz!

Anonymous said...

Anyone with whispers and a fart could see that MB was not a good husband or father to his past relationships. You get what you get.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, that’s what Matt Barnes said which is why he sits in his room to smoke all day.

Oregonsistah said...

Why is the "girlfriend/fiance'" speaking on the ex husband's behalf?

J.Swindell said...

@3:57 if a White woman is feeling distress caused by a Black man, it carries more weight with John Law.

Anonymous said...

Matt should sweep his own porch

Anonymous said...

Instead of the daddy filing for custody, your girlfriend is doing restraining orders. Daddy grow some balls. And to the girlfriend, they not your kids.

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend doing too much already. I need the daddy to speak up. Let’s see how Matt and Anansa ig loving self spins this.

Me said...

She had 3 kids when they met. Should have kept it FWB. Those are regular little Black kids, not as good looking as Anansa and I can see Matts colorist azz misusing them. The Daddy needs to take the kids. I used to watch the reality show and it was sad how Beverly treated him. She wasnt impressed w that chocolate baby either. Sad to read.

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