Friday, November 18, 2022

Marcus Jordan Caught Creeping on Larsa Pippen?

For months Michael Jordan's son Marcus has been openly dating Scottie Pippen's ex wife Larsa, stunning diehard Chicago Bulls fans [click here if you missed that]. 

Now insiders claim Marcus has been playing Larsa the whole time...

From The Sun 

LARSA Pippen's new man, Marcus Jordan, has been caught cheating on The Real Housewives of Miami star in a video exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun.
Just this past weekend, the couple packed on the PDA in South Beach, Miami.
But in The U.S. Sun's exclusive video taken in the early hours of Saturday, November 5, Marcus Jordan, seems to cheat on Larsa with a Florida-based Instagram model.
Marcus appears to passionately kiss the woman and grab her butt outside his Orlando condo in the jaw-dropping clip.
In the video, the former college basketball player then grabs the woman's hand, and they both walk inside his place.
A source close to Marcus dished to The U.S. Sun: "They are friends with benefits."
The insider claimed Larsa has "no idea" that Marcus has been allegedly cheating, and she would be "absolutely devastated" to learn the claims.
"Larsa would never think he would be unfaithful to her," the insider said.
"He treats her like royalty. He buys her gifts, dinners, pays for a lot of things- so she would be completely blindsided.
"She thinks she's in an exclusive relationship with him."
"She has fallen in love with Marcus in a matter of two months," the source continued.
"Larsa is obsessed with Marcus. She's telling people that she can see a future with him."


R in NYC said...

I guess wearing that see thru catsuit the other night isn't holding his attention. But seriously she messes with cheaters so why would she be devastated?

The King Of The Real said...

Ho3s MAD

Anonymous said...

GOOD and really who give a F....

Anonymous said...

Creeping? This relationship is only being used to get people to watch that crappy Real Housewives of Miami. They want the ratings up and this fake relationship is what they're betting on.

Anonymous said...

Totally fake "relationship" and no one cares.

Kendall said...

Marcus must want some attention. Tired of living in Daddy's shadow i guess.
This whole thing screams PR stunt

Anonymous said...

Spammers going wild on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Kyrie Irving donated $65K to Shanquella Robinson’s goFundme. #justiceforshanquellarobinson

Marcus, do something good instead of being known as a attention seeking h03! Seriously, you’re wack at this point dude.

Anonymous said...

He's just doing what some you, single men with options do. It would be different if he had no idea who or what she is and he is treating her accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Larsa should have stayed with Scottie, she out here looking cheap and used.

Anonymous said...

He looks nothing and I mean nothing like his father. Too bad he doesn't hv any basketball skills.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why Marcus put himself out there like a messy kneegrow. Not that Michael Jordan is a saint but he wasn’t known to be out there like Magic back in the day.
Marcus seems to think any publicity is good. Uuuhh, no. I saw him like a level headed young man using his dad’s celebrity to his advantage in a positive way. Now I don’t with all this coverage with Larsa. Future had her. That’s nasty.

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