Sunday, November 20, 2022

Fourth Suspect Arrested for the Murder of Young Dolph

In the early days following the shocking broad daylight murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph, an anonymous Instagram sleuth pinned the crime on local rapper, Justin 'Straight Drop' Johnson, who was later arrested and charged [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Straight Drop's half-brother has also been arrested in connection to the murder...

From Fox 13
A fourth man has been arrested in connection to what police called a conspiracy to murder Memphis rapper and superstar Young Dolph.
Memphis Police confirm to FOX13 that Jermarcus Johnson was taken into custody Friday afternoon.
Memphis Police posted to Facebook earlier in the day, officially naming Jermarcus Johnson as a suspect in the murder of Young Dolph whose real name is Adolph Thornton Jr.
Police said that Jermarcus Johnson turned himself into the Multi-Agency Gang Unit shortly after MPD named him as a suspect.
The arrest comes just after the one-year mark of Young Dolph’s death.
Jermarcus Johnson’s half-brother Justin Johnson, also known by his stage name of Straight Drop, was arrested along with Cornelius Smith. Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy named those two as the men who shot into Makeda’s on that fateful day and killed Young Dolph.
Hernandez Govan has also been arrested. Mulroy said that Govan is the one who ordered the murder of Young Dolph.
Jermarcus Johnson has been charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.
According to an indictment against him, authorities believe Jermarcus Johnson hid Justin Johnson and Smith after the shooting and helped the two men get away in the wake of Dolph’s murder.


Anonymous said...

Who is shocked by anything that these folks do? I'm waiting on the next one.

Anonymous said...

Soon as they finish rounding up these mf's next stop Texas. Can't wait to see the scoop there. Get them. Lock all they a*sses up!!

Anonymous said...

Time to rid the earth of negus of all colors.

Anonymous said...

@1:01. Unfortunately you are 200% correct. Within the next 3 years I'm cashing in all my U.S. stock and moving abroad. I wanna wake up one day and not be saturated with the unavoidable images of self-degradation, weed smoke everywhere and out of control violence. Normal life and surroundings conducive for human beings to coexist and not have to share space with undomesticated animals.

Anonymous said...

@1:01 pm, you SHOW know what to say!

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