Friday, December 02, 2022

Arrest Warrant Issued for Antonio Brown

This week the Tampa Police Department filed a risk protection order against Antonio Brown to his restrict access to guns [click here if you missed that]. 

Now we know why...

From Fox 13
Tampa police are playing the waiting game after issuing an arrest warrant for former Buccaneer Antonio Brown on a domestic violence charge.
On Thursday afternoon, Tampa police tried to serve the warrant at his South Tampa home, but no one opened the front door.
The arrest warrant was issued following an incident that occurred at the home with his ex-fiancée on Monday, Nov. 28. An argument between Brown and the woman turned physical after he threw a shoe at her, detectives said. The home is where she resides with the couple's four children and one of Brown's unrelated teenage sons.
"The suspect exited the residence and threw a shoe at the victim striking her in the ponytail," the police report stated. "The victim had no injuries but believed the shoe was meant for her head. The suspect would not open the door or come outside to speak with officers. The suspect also during this incident attempted to issue an informal eviction to the victim."
The narrative written by an officer went on to say that the victim's belongings were thrown out into the street, but by the time law enforcement arrived, she had gathered them all and put them in the driveway. The victim also noted that Brown has two guns inside the house.
During the ordeal, police said Brown locked himself in the house while officers tried to speak to him. Investigators said Brown threatened to shoot her if she tried to enter the house.
"The suspect placed an informal eviction notice on the door … with 11/28/2022 at the date showing the victim has 7 days to gather her belongings and leave," the police report said in part. "The suspect continued throughout the incident to state that the victim had no right to be at that residence or to even gain entry to it because she did not live there. The victim's ID has the listed address as her residence as of 10/18/2022."
The officers said after "many failed attempts" to convince Brown to allow her to gather her belongings, they advised the victim to spend the night elsewhere. According to police, the children were told they could go back inside the house, but they were afraid to.
The next day, Tampa police filed a risk protection order against Brown, which can be issued if a person poses a significant risk to themselves or others and has access to a gun. A judge denied the request.

Fun Fact: This is not the first or second time AB put his fiancĂ© out and the police had to be called [click  here if you missed that] 


Tia said...

Waaaaay too much to read...I know one thing for sure though....this guy is a complete wackjob...a psychopath. He's a danger to himself and moreso society....

Tia said...

*** to society

Anonymous said...

When did we start arresting people for hitting a ponytail and aren't we allowed to resisted guns in your house.
They have a bunch, and she is still engaged hoping to get married. Chile pls.
Brown has been hit in the head too many times.

Sunno said...

"The home is where she resides with the couple's four children and one of Brown's unrelated teenage sons".

This makes his sons a direct relation to the couples 4 children.

Anonymous said...

I am very pro victim, but this woman is really disappointing because she's keeping her kids in harms way even after he publicly humiliated her. LOVE YOURSELF and your KIDS. Stop being co dependent before your family has to bury you and those innocent children. Enough is enough. They fear their own father.That man isn't normal.

MOVE OUT and MOVE ON. At this point, I blame her because he's mentally unstable and so she needs to be making moves and not sitting around waiting for him to go broke. She needs to woman up and be a mom in her own home and stop subjecting her kids to a man who may have that brain condition from too many hits. Why doesn't she have her own home via child support? What I would do is move to California, get child support, and have a court order that 1 million be set aside for future child support payments because he will be broke in another year or two. I'd have a court ordered trust in place before he goes broke. AB just posted a video of him having sex and yet his children's mother is still hanging on. I understand wanting a nice home but your kids are terrified. Lord have mercy, prayers sent. Get stronger mom, they need you.

Anonymous said...

This man has assaulted this woman more than enough times for her to get child support and find a home for her children, somewhere away from him. I get it, she loves the guy and they have kids together but when is enough, enough? I don't know if Antonio has a substance abusive problem, but he certainly behaves as if he has one. He also had another recent incident of manhandling a woman in a swimming pool while he was naked. Everything around this man is about to crumble and I would get out of his way if you have any sense.

Anonymous said...

10:18 & 10:59 yes!! This is not the first, second or third time and she still won't leave that man house!! She is sicker than he is at this point.

Anonymous said...

Well this will be a Hallmark movie in the making. That or ION. She is like Blueface’s girlfriend. Neither of them value themselves enough to leave before it becomes a news special.

Ohwell said...

Maybe she should get the message. She was in it for the lifestyle and money, that's what's keeping her there. Plus, the kids was a staple, he's trapped but he seems to not be in a real relationship with her.

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