Thursday, December 29, 2022

Details From Gervonta Davis Arrest and 911 Call

This week boxer Gervonta Davis was arrested on domestic violence charges in Parkland, FL [click here if you missed that]. 

Details from the arrest and the 911 call surface online...

From TMZ
According to the docs, the 28-year-old fighter "did actually and intentionally touch and strike" the woman "against her will" and "did intentionally cause bodily harm to her."
Police say in the docs Davis struck the woman on the right side of her head "with a closed hand type slap." Cops said the woman was left with a facial injury ... but was able to exit the home following the altercation.


Anonymous said...

Little man stay wilding. He ain't tripping he will most definitely punch on a girl.

Unknown said...

911 Can't trace a call? Sheesh! This is 2023 damn near!

Anonymous said...

The streets saying he beat up Ari an paid her a million bucks to not say nothing. beat her up in front of Yosohn

badland said...

He deserves his guilt. The police will arrest him soon.

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