Thursday, December 29, 2022

R. Kelly Shuts Down Baby Claims

Last week an Instagram account claiming to belong to R. Kelly's girlfriend Joycelyn Savage claimed she had given birth to his child [click here if you missed that].

R. Kelly calls from jail to set the record straight....

According to R. Kelly Joycelyn Savage is his fiancĂ©e but there is no baby and no new album. 

Comes in at the 4:45 mark 


Anonymous said...

Who really believed that was his baby?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone at all is asking this rapist anything. Die in jail!! Bye!!!

Anonymous said...

Y’all been screaming at her father for trying to force contact but this little girl needs help. All those years of sexual torture have made her insane.

Anonymous said...

I mean he’s a proven liar.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching because the big head wannabe Wendy Williams b*tch kept interrupting the video. But whatever, I don't trust anything that comes out of R Kelly's mouth.

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