Friday, December 09, 2022

Ray J and Princess Love Divorce Headed to Trial

Two years ago Ray J filed for divorce from his wife Princess Love after four years of marriage and two children together [click here if you missed that]. 

The on-again off-again divorce is finally headed to trial...

From Radar Online 

According to court documents obtained by, the two were ordered to attend a parenting program as part of the case. However, the filing notes that despite the program being completed no agreement was reached.
The court has scheduled a hearing for March when the trial date will be set.


Anonymous said...

These two were an odd match from the very beginning. Other than Princess being absolutely gorgeous, I don't know what they saw in each other because they're total opposites. Princess wants a normal family life, while Ray J is insecure and needs to run the streets. He should find a desperate IG model who likes to go to clubs, do drugs and get drunk. While Princess should find a handsome black man, who is an attorney or doctor and wants to come home from work to a beautiful family. It's not that hard to be happy, you just have to be determined about what you want in life and go after it. People can't make you happy. You have to build happiness and then protect it. Ray J is too reckless and immature to be a husband and Princess should move on before she's wasted all her good years on him.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was over already.

Ella M Nopea said...


Didn't Princess cheat on Floyd Mayweather with Ray J? I think you're painting Princess with the wrong paint brush. She is not innocent and has already admitted to doing 3somes to "keep Ray".

Ray J has always come off as immature and I blame his mama.


Anonymous said...

She wanted someone famous. Groupy experience gone wrong.

Lynny said...

Absolutely 2:43 wrong brush is right!
And 3:15 that’s exactly what I saw a groupie blinded by “Ray J” and it didn’t pan out the way she anticipated!!!

Anonymous said...

She should’ve stayed with Floyd.

Ohwell said...

Ray J remind me of a 70's wild child, free love, unstoppable, tricks in a bag. Princess Love was desperate, that's all.

sq said...

She was Floyd 's backup Ray J took her...still...they are both immature

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