Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Eric Holder Jr. Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison

Four years ago West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in broad daylight in front of his clothing store by Eric Holder Jr. [click here if you missed that].

Holder has just been sentenced...

A Los Angeles judge on Wednesday sentenced the man convicted of gunning down rapper Nipsey Hussle to 60 years to life in prison.
Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke II handed down the of-delayed sentence to Eric R. Holder Jr., 33, who was found guilty of the 2019 first-degree murder of the 33-year-old Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist outside the clothing store Hussle founded, the Marathon, in the South Los Angeles neighborhood where both men grew up in very similar circumstances.
After the monthlong trial, jurors in July also convicted Holder of two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter and two counts of assault with a firearm for gunfire that hit two other men at the scene who survived.
Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke handed down the sentence Wednesday after hearing from one of Hussle’s friends and listening to a letter from Holder’s father that was read in court. Holder, dressed in orange jail attire, stared straight ahead throughout the proceedings and did not react when the sentence was read.


Anonymous said...

He not doing that time. They're going to say he committed the S-word (don't know if you can say it on here) and relocate him. Witness protection.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:32pm Interesting. Why do you say that?

Also, does anyone find it strange that this wasn't a more high-profile case? As soon as Chris Darden removed himself as Eric Holder's attorney, we never heard about the case again.

Was Nipsey's family in court everyday?
Was Lauren there?

Just seems odd that this guy was prosecuted without much fanfare at all.
No fans and news crews at the courthouse in Los Angeles? Weird.

Anonymous said...

No need to sensationalize the situation. Basically, one young Black man killed another. Nothing unusual. Very common. Try, convict, sentence. Wash, rinse repeat. Carry on.

Chelle said...

4:47 sad but true facts. Media doesn't care as it happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

This was an open and shut case. We know he did it. Why did it take so long to get a sentence?

LL was not there. She was off making that tired ass movie with that unfunny Yt man and Eddie. LOLO

Jak said...

@3:56 I was there for the trial and you are correct about it being so quiet, without much attention. I guess as time moves on, so do people. I can understand why the family was not there. It would have been too painful to go through that and I'm sure that they didn't want or need the attention. On the last day of the closing arguments, Holder's father showed up. I didn't know who he was, until we were dismissed for the day. I was standing outside in a group talking to Cowboy, when we were in the middle of talking stuff about Holder, and his father came out of the door and walked past. He was so nervous and was speed walking to get to his car and looked back at us a few times. I was told that he was Holder's father, after he walked past. I then realized that he was standing behind me when we were lined up and waiting to go into the courtroom and sat next to me in the courtroom. He heard all of our conversations about what was going to happen to his son. I felt bad after finding out who he was, because his son's actions also affected his family's lives. That man was trying to get out of there, as if he was in fear of losing his life.

Anonymous said...

"Asking for a lesser sentence of 25 years to life that would allow some chance at release and rehabilitation, Jansen detailed a childhood of physical abuse and poverty for Holder.

As he reached adulthood, Jansen said Holder suffered “a terrible descent into mental illness” that led to “years of torment and struggle” with issues including agonizing auditory hallucinations that resisted all attempts at treatment.

He showed photos of a head injury Holder suffered at the hands of other inmates during the trial, saying he has been targeted as Hussle’s killer and that his life behind bars is “going to be brutal. It’s going to be short. He’s already received numerous death threats.”

Jansen also read a letter from Holder’s father, Eric Holder Sr. apologizing to Hussle’s family and to the other victims.

“I know there are not enough words that would fill the void, the pain, the deep sorrow that they feel,” the letter read. “I question myself every day asking if I as a father did everything to help Eric Jr. stabilize his mental health.”

Mental illness is real!

We should have mental institutions where the mentally ill can be forced to live rather than roaming the streets and terrorizing people, or being temporarily warehoused in jail.

It must be a terrible thing to be mentally ill have no control over it. I feel for them. However, they do not need to be loose on the street for that very reason.

Family members can't control their mentally ill kin because the mentally ill have the right not to comply by taking their medications.

Anonymous said...

Convenient “ commentor’s “ are present in this thread, right off the bat, huh? gtfohwtbs

Anonymous said...

Rolling 60’s sentence. I get it. About time but we knew he wasn’t getting out.
I actually loved You People. I don’t want to see slobbering kisses and naked sex scenes. Most people don’t get it. It wasn’t supposed to be a in-depth story about interracial relationships. It was a cute and light play on it. And very funny.

Anonymous said...

It's fu ny how HHOP blew him up as an Ico. With no hit songs. Now they 🤫

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