Monday, March 06, 2023

Kim Kardashian Linked to Billion Dollar Malaysian Bond Scandal

Five years ago Kimora Lee Simmons' husband, Tim Leissner, plead guilty to orchestrating a billon dollar bond scam along with fugitive Malaysian financier Jho Low [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Kim Kardashian has been linked to the scandal...

According to an explosive new Bloomberg Businessweek report, previously undisclosed documents reveal that the FBI was speaking with stars as they tried to get intel in their case against Low, the mysterious mogul at the center of the infamous 1MDB fund embezzlement scandal.
According to the outlet, Kardashian told the FBI in 2019 that she was once in Las Vegas with a group, including Low and two “Wolf of Wall Street,” producers playing baccarat in a private room past 5 a.m.
But when the Skims mogul, now 42, decided to leave, a pal told her to stick around because he’d “heard stories of Low giving people chips at the end of the night.”
Kardashian “stayed and ended winning big on one game,” the FBI docs say.
But when she tried to “give all her chips back to Low,” whom she first met in 2009, he told her that the chips were hers to keep.
When Kardashian went to the casino counter to cash in her chips, the FBI report says, she learned she had $350,000 in winnings and was subsequently given “a trash bag full of one hundred dollar bills,” worth $250,000.
The FBI report says Kardashian later “put the trash bag full of cash in her carry-on bag and boarded a Southwest Airlines flight back to Los Angeles.”
She reportedly then collected another $100,000 — in another trash bag of cash — during a subsequent trip to party with Low in Las Vegas.
The FBI reports also say that in 2014, Kardashian told ex-husband Kanye West that Low wanted to give her a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, but the rapper allegedly “made Kardashian text Low and say that they don’t like Basquiat and instead wanted a Monet.”
The move was apparently to “mess with Low because both Kardashian and West found Low to be very fickle when giving gifts and never expected to actually receive a painting,” according to FBI docs.
The FBI papers also reflect that Kardashian received $305,000 from Low as a wedding gift when she married Kris Humphries in 2011, and that she bought a white Ferrari with the money.

Fun Fact: Fugees rapper Pras Michel is also linked to the scandal [click here if you missed that]. 


Anonymous said...

It’s said the more money you have, the harder it is to not become corrupt. Sounds like he was tricking on Kim with all these gifts tho. 👀

Anonymous said...

Some people can never get enough.

Anonymous said...

Do they want that mulĂ  back?

Anonymous said...

Easy come easy go

WiserWords2 said...

Did she pay taxes on all of that money? 😀

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