Sunday, March 05, 2023

Offset and Quavo Avoid Each Other at State Farm Arena

Last month is was revealed that Migos rappers Offset and Quavo got into a fist fight backstage at the Grammys in their first run-in since the murder of their bandmate Takeoff [click here if you missed that]. 

On Friday Offset and Quavo were both present for a basketball game at State Farm Arena in Atlanta and avoided each other like the plague...

Offset and Quavo were among those attending the Portland Trail Blazers vs. the Atlanta Hawks NBA game at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday.
Cardi B's husband, 31, sat courtside as he took in the action wearing a black hoodie and a lawyer of diamond chains around his neck.
Meanwhile his fellow Migos member Quavo, 31, stayed incognito in a graphic face mask, hat and sunglasses as he watched Blazers lose to the Hawks with a final score of 111-129.
The duo opted not to sit next to each other at the game, after Quavo recently hinted that Migos - a hip-hop trio comprising of himself, his cousin Offset, and his late nephew Takeoff - might be over, in the lyrics of his latest track titled Greatness.
It also comes after the record producer got into a brawl with Offset at the Grammy Awards ceremony earlier last month, shortly before he took to the stage to perform a tribute song during the In Memoriam segment.

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Anonymous said...

Quavo has always been so loud and wanting to be seen. Poor man is definitely still grieving. I wish him the best, and I'm glad he's trying to get out now.

Anonymous said...

Never let death seperate you. Offset didn't do anything wrong, he wasn't there. They need a united front, especially for the court case.

Anonymous said...

Quavo has the least amount of talent of the Migos. Probably trying to figure out who he’s gonna be when he grows up.

Anonymous said...

Why did the group break up? I'm still not understanding the problem.

Anonymous said...

This is to drum up album sales
Everybody under QC got to be in the news to make money for the white man.

Anonymous said...

@6:17 EXACTLY. Offset was smart enough to get out of QC. 💯 we all saw how Scooter did that white girlTaylor Swift so you know he definitely don’t care for no black rappers who ain’t producing and making hits.@12:18 Offset left the group because he felt as though the group was being cheated of money and the label tried to take his and Takeoff’s money on their solo records as well which had nothing to do with Migos. He also disagreed when the label said Migos owed one more album. So since he saw the grimy moves being made, he sued and bought himself out of the contract. I still say that buy out move Cardi helped him to do saved his life. Quavo still over to Quality Control tap dancing for P and now his new master Scooter Braun. He is the weakest link but has the audacity to be the loudest and angriest. And he’s still protecting killers of his own blood relative for a record deal and a Grammy performance. Quavo knows he will never make the numbers Migos made on his own but as 6:17 stated everyone on that label gotta stay in the news for the new master. Quavo got misplaced anger issues, well anger issues period, buts he’s mad at Offset for being smart enough to leave and with Takeoff gone he knows he’s on his own cause Offset is never coming back to that label, and as long as Cardi is up he’s up, Offset got backup in her. Quavo and his anger issues is on his own.

Anonymous said...

Takeoff's death was planned. Offset is aware that if he stayed in the group, he would have been killed. Offset was the weakest link. In and out of jail, he wasn't the lead talent. Quavo and Takeoff were.

They signed a bad deal and Offset was able to get his wife to buy out his contract. Notice that Cardi and Offset have not released any new music since she paid off his former label? If Offset was the talent, wouldn't he be writing with his wife to keep the cash coming in? I mean his wife paid $3million to get him out of a bad business deal and Offset can't help her write her next album, mixtape or a single or two? None of it makes sense. if Offset was the talent, we would actually see that talent in music and videos.

Anonymous said...

I hope Quavo is getting grief counseling and overall therapy for his loss. Hopefully that family can come back together.

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