Wednesday, July 26, 2023

DJ Juice Apologizes to Gunplay

Last week Miami rapper Gunplay threatened to shoot the club up after the DJ played "I Smell P***y" the G-Unit diss track aimed at him [click here if you missed that].

DJ Juice apologizes...

In a video shared on Instagram DJ Juice 305 apologized for the incident blaming it on his youth, implying he didn't realize the song was a diss track.


Lynny said...

This is an apology?? I’m confused 😐

Anonymous said...

Two dusty looking dusties is all I have for these foolio's, neither of which I have ever heard of. I am so happy I guard my ears against the f*ckery that is their brand of so-called "music" you couldn't pay me to listen to that shit at gunpoint.

Anonymous said...

Who. Are. These. People?

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