Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Michael K. Williams' Drug Dealer Receives 1 Year Sentence

Two years ago critically acclaimed actor Michael K. Williams died from an accidental overdose after ingesting fentanyl laced heroine and cocaine [click here if you missed that].

Now White's 71-year-old dealer has been sentenced to one year in prison...

From TMZ
One of the drug dealers tied to the overdose death of “The Wire” actor Michael K. Williams was sentenced to just two-and-a-half years in prison Tuesday after the HBO show’s co-creator David Simon asked the judge to show him mercy.
Carlos Macci, 71, had faced decades behind bars after pleading guilty to narcotics conspiracy for being part of the Brooklyn crew that sold Williams the lethal bags of fentanyl-laced heroin.
“Selling drugs like heroin and fentanyl not only cost Mr. Williams his life but is costing you your freedom,” Manhattan federal Judge Ronnie Abrams told Macci at his sentencing.
The judge said she “struggled with the decision I had to make today” and factored in the need for treatment and rehab for the septuagenarian.
“I don’t think people need to be defined by the worst mistake they made,” she said.
Simon earlier this month asked Abrams to go easy on Macci, saying that Williams “bears the fuller responsibility” and noting his actor pal’s opposition to mass incarceration and the failed war on drugs.
“No possible good can come from incarcerating a 71-year-old soul,” Simon wrote in a July 7 letter.
Macci is “largely illiterate,” and dealt drugs because he was “caught up in the diaspora of addiction himself,” Simon noted.


Anonymous said...

And he shouldn’t have even got one year. Michael K Williams is a grown ars man. Ain’t nobody put no drugs in his veins or up his nose. Buyer beware MF.

Anonymous said...

71 and dealing drugs? Yashua take the wheel!!!!

Anonymous said...

Old heads got the best dope! You get a bad batch every now & then… that’s part of the game baby!

Anonymous said...

Mayo treated with kid gloves again by the kangaroo court system.

Anonymous said...

12:51 PM Looks like he needs to take your wheel as well because you shouldn't be on a gossip site...

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