Friday, July 14, 2023

Kevin McCall Ordered to Pay Assault Victim $1.5 Million

Four years ago recording artist Kevin McCall was arrested on felony domestic violence charges [click here if you missed that].

Now Kevin has been ordered to pay the victim $1.5 million...

McCall was charged with one felony count of injuring a spouse or cohabitant. The alleged incident took place on January 14, 2019. McCall was released on a $75k bond. The court sentenced McCall to 5 years in state prison but suspended the sentence.
The judge placed McCall on probation and required him to serve 90 days in county jail.
The alleged victim filed a civil lawsuit after McCall’s arrest. In the complaint, the accuser, who used her initial K.M. as a pseudonym to bring the case, accused the producer of domestic violence and battery.
McCall stopped responding to the case which led to the accuser being awarded a default judgment in the amount of $1.49 million.


Anonymous said...

Good luck collecting that 🥴

Anonymous said...

He broke. Let it go. Unless Tyler P gives him a job.

R in NYC said...

That nucca was last seen being wined and dined on some woman's dime. He ain't got it.

Anonymous said...

The judge practicing how to issue judgments? 🤦🏽‍♀️

Anonymous said...

That's a steep fine, for not keeping your hands to yourself. Black men do better, from Godz to this smh.

Anonymous said...

Lmao he gotta pay up while in prison… Damn he not ever coming home 😂😂😂😂

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