Thursday, August 10, 2023

Fans Injured at Travis Scott Concert in Rome

This week Travis Scott performed in Rome, his first concert since the tragic Astro World show two years go where 10 people were killed in a stampede [click here if you missed that]. 

Now there are reports of injuries at Travis show in Rome...

From Euro News 

A concert by American rapper Travis Scott at Rome’s ancient Circus Maximus on Monday 7 August resulted in around 60 people needing medical treatment.
The 32-year-old artist opened his Utopia tour at the Italian capital’s monumental site — once the Roman Empire’s chariot racecourse — to a crowd of around 60,000 eager fans.
Joining Scott on stage was disgraced hip-hop veteran Kanye West, who has received significant opprobrium for his anti-Semitic tirades online.
But things spiralled out of control after a suspected pepper-spray incident, leaving dozens of fans injured and approximately 60 in need of medical treatment. A 14-year-old was also hospitalised after falling from a four-metre height. He had tried to enter the Circus Maximus to watch the show, and had attempted to elude security.
Italian police are investigating the case, while certain public figures have already spoken out about the ruckus, which led to an “earthquake”-like effect throughout the city.


Anonymous said...

He'll eventually get the message to go spend Kylie's money and sit his ass down somewhere. Getting hurt or killed at a concert isn't most people's life goals.

Sunno said...

His fliers are enough to make me stay clear of anything he participating in.

Poster formally known as warrior said...

I have no idea who this fool is, I don't listen to any of these manufactured "rappers, singers, entertainers". They can all collectively get off my lawn!!!!

Anonymous said...

That head witch Kris is working overtime to end this man’s career. She got a 2 for 1 when Kanye showed up. Concerts of that caliber will almost never not have problems. That’s why they have special event medics, security and ambulances stationed in areas around the concert. Clocking his moves and every incident that surrounds his concerts seems calculated.

Anonymous said...

At this point, if you attend this man’s show, you get what you deserve- he has shown you who he is.

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